Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bounskee? Bounskee is a dynamic and versatile game that goes beyond traditional entertainment. It offers a modular setup, allowing you to switch playing tops and attachments, resulting in a variety of games to suit your preferences. All versions of Bounskee involve bouncing or tossing ping-pong balls into various holes on its surface.

2. How can I play Bounskee? Playing Bounskee is easy and exciting! Simply assemble the game according to the rules, choose your playing top and attachments, bust out some ping-pong balls, and get ready for hours of enjoyment. Whether you're playing competitively or just for fun, Bounskee offers endless possibilities.

3. Who can play Bounskee? Bounskee is designed for all ages, making it suitable for everyone from school-age children to senior citizens. The game's adaptability ensures that players of different skill levels can enjoy it to the fullest.

4. Is Bounskee more than just a game? Absolutely! Bounskee transcends mere entertainment; it's a legitimate sport that can be used for various contests and promotions. Its versatility makes it an engaging platform for creativity, competition, and community bonding.

5. What is BYO Bounskee? BYO Bounskee, or "Build Your Own Bounskee," is the original version of the game that embodies the marriage of sport and artistry. In this version, you have the opportunity to personalize your Bounskee through custom engraving or by expressing your artistic ideas through painting and other creative methods. We're excited about the idea of BYO Bounskee leagues, where players bring their own artistically customized Bounskees to compete. It's an avenue for showcasing your creativity on the playing field and joining a community that celebrates individual expression.

6. Do I need any additional tools or hardware to build BYO Bounskee? No, extra tools or hardware are unnecessary. The components of BYO Bounskee are thoughtfully designed to interlock seamlessly without requiring additional equipment.

7. Is BYO Bounskee suitable for kids to assemble? While BYO Bounskee can be enjoyed by various age groups, assembly might be better suited for older children or adults due to the intricacies involved.

8. How much time does it take to assemble BYO Bounskee? Skilled builders can put together a BYO Bounskee setup in under half an hour, thanks to the intuitive component design.

9. Can I disassemble and reassemble BYO Bounskee for storage or transport? Yes, BYO Bounskee is designed to partially break down for easier transport. While it can be disassembled for storage and reassembled later, note that the process can be time-consuming.

10. Is there a more durable version of Bounskee for public use? We're currently developing a version of Bounskee that's specifically crafted for heavy use in public settings. This iteration aims to combine durability with engagement, making Bounskee an ideal choice for gatherings, events, and community spaces.

11. Where can I learn more about Bounskee's rules and gameplay? Right here on our website! You can even print scorecards! Click here to visit our rules and scorecards page.

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