What is Bounskee?

Patent Pending!

Bounskee is more than just a game! A modular setup fusing elements of popular classic games, Bounskee brings a whole new world of tabletop competition! Simply swap out different playing tops to change between game versions. Bounskee puts a new spin on games like Skee-ball, Baseball, Basketball, Battleship, Poker, Blackjack, Connect 4 and more... All versions are played with ping pong balls- an exciting combination of luck and skill!

Sport Meets Art!

Bounskee is not just confined to traditional gameplay—it can be a canvas for your imagination. The original version, aptly named BYO Bounskee (Build Your Own Bounskee), ships flat and is assembled by you, offering a DIY project intertwined with play. This unique version also doubles as a canvas for artistic expression. Whether through custom engraving or painting, each BYO Bounskee can become an individual masterpiece.

A Gift That Stands Out!

BYO Bounskee Backboards are interchangeable and reversible, opening the door to limitless design combinations that reflect your style and vision. Custom engraved Bounskees make excellent gifts and captivating attractions for businesses, events, and fundraisers. Whether in bars, coffee shops, schools, waiting rooms, or your home, Bounskee adds an element of entertainment and interaction to any space.

Healthy Competition!

Enjoyable to kids and adults alike, Bounskee bridges generations and demographics. Fostering a sense of community through healthy competition, Bounskee envisions leagues and tournaments that bring people together in a social sport that relies more on mental agility than physical prowess. As a tabletop game, you can bring the fun right to your living room for some engaging entertainment with family and friends. Possibilities abound...

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