Bounskee Deluxe Complete Setup w/ all 3 playing tops – Cardboard


Cardboard Bounskee Deluxe Complete Setup w/ all 3 playing tops

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Bounskee is a tabletop skill game.  You play by bouncing or tossing ping-pong balls into holes on its surface.  There are 3 interchangeable playing tops (so far…) that completely change the game.  The Classic Top plays like Skee-ball.  The Baseball Top follows the structure and rules of its namesake.  And the Lucky Shot Top is versatile and can be played many ways.  Bounskee was designed to be upgradable and more playing tops will be released in the future…

Bounskee is patent pending.  This original version of Bounskee was designed to ship flat and be assembled by the consumer- making it a DIY project as well as a game (though we can pre-build them for higher shipping cost).  It also makes a great canvas for artistic creativity- we encourage people to personalize the appearance of their Bounskees.

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