1st Humboldt Open Bounskee Classic Tournament at Septentrio Winery 

If you haven’t played Bounskee before, that’s okay! It’s a brand new game! It’s like Skee-ball, but smaller and with ping pong balls. A game of Bounskee played between 2 people is called a “bout.” A bout of classic Bounskee is as follows:

-Up to 5 rounds of 5 balls each

-The player with the highest points with 5 balls takes the round

-If a round results in a tie, repeat with 1 less ball until the round is won

-The first player to win 3 rounds takes the bout

This will be a double-elimination style tournament. There will be 2 adult brackets and 3 kids brackets for different age groups (6-9, 10-13, 14-17). There will be qualifications preceding the tournament to separate the adults into the 2 brackets based on skill (or luck!). There is a $10 entry fee for adults. Kids play free. Prizes for the top 3 of each bracket. Cash prizes for the top 3 of the adult “baller” bracket. Cash prizes TBD based on attendance. If adult attendance exceeds bracket space, those who do not qualify into either bracket will be refunded half of their entry fee. Kids sign-ups are first come, first serve and are limited to 32 per age group. Non-competitors are welcome to attend for free as long as maximum capacity of the venue is not breached.


Qualifications start at 2pm and are first come, first serve. It will be 3 solo rounds of 5 balls and the player will keep their highest score of the 3 rounds. Anyone who does not have a score recorded by 4pm may forfeit their chance to participate and their entry fee. The top 32 scorers will be randomly placed in the “baller” bracket. The next 32 will be randomly placed in the “bouncer” bracket. The kids tournament will begin at 4pm and the adult tournament will begin after the brackets are assigned (around 5pm) .

Live music by the Bounskee Backer Band!

Art contests with prizes for kids and adults!

Los Giles will be there so some good food will be available!

Raffle and silent auction to benefit the Bounskee Kickstarter campaign- going on now! Though the Kickstarter is for a cardboard version that suits the creator’s vision, there will be nice, wooden Bounskees made for the tournament!


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